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Spend a few minutes thinking of all the bits of life that you are grateful for. The big and the small. What are you proud of?

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Think of the things that create an immediate smile. Who are you thankful to have in your life? What people, experiences and things make life rich? You can do this anywhere—while on your walk or a workout or while on the bus. Your call. I love doing it while on my morning run. All of us have things that immediately change our state.

That make us smile, get us inspired, and simply make us happy. Keep track of these.

Spend ten minutes making a list in your journal and add to it anytime you notice a monster smile on your face. So simple yet so freakin powerful. This is as contagious as it gets.

How to Be Happy: 7 Simple Habits Scientifically Proven to Help You Everyday

Do it everywhere. If someone is frustrated on the road or at a grocery store, just smile ear to ear. All it takes is a few people to reciprocate and it will spread exponentially. Plus all kinds of studies have shown that the physical act of smiling fires off chemicals in the brain that create happiness. Resist that at all cost. Life is about relationships and connections. Just be sure you choose carefully.

Know who you enjoy being around, who brings you up, and who encourages positivity. It amazes me how many people continue to spend time around negative people who bring them down. Choose wisely. A nearly immediate route to happiness and fulfillment is to do something for someone else.

It can be as simple as opening a door or as big as getting someone their dream job. This is what makes experiences rich. Do them daily.

Simple changes to your daily habits will put you on the fast track to happiness.

For some, happiness comes easy. No thought or routine required. For others, simple reminders and practices are all it takes. Happiness is a choice. It always will be. Happiness only exists today. There is no waiting.

Choosing happiness is a yours to embrace

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It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Click here to read more. Think Web Strategy. Thinking that happiness is just gonna fall from the sky , and walk into our lives in some form of money, opportunity, or that special someone. Cultural and social pressure has led us to believe that a title, a job, a position in a company, a giant check at the end of the month , or a successful project, are the things that bring us happiness.

But, what would each of us be if all that disappeared? These things are just too temporary and volatile to be the sole support for our lives. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. So, in order to be happier, try to leave that blind ambition behind. If you find the passion and fulfillment in what you are and do first, the check, the car, the status, and all that stuff will come later.

Happiness is like a cute little disease or virus that floats around us. Because positive influences are just as important as the negative ones. Have you noticed that it actually puts you in a bad mood too? Well, unfortunately, these people do nothing but hold us back , because for them nothing is perfect, nothing is good enough, nor nice enough, nor fair enough, nor promising enough, nor safe enough, etc…. However, the important thing is how we deal with those situations. One of the most important factors for finding happiness is focusing on today , embracing the moments in the present, being aware of what surrounds us, and every feeling that we experience.

The past is over, we no longer have control of yesterday, let alone tomorrow. If you think this over two or three times, it actually sounds like common sense. No wonder why nostalgia is so heavy on us, why we have so many regrets, and so many unexplainable fears and worries ….

Being physically active throughout your day, changes your day. These things also lead to being in a better mood, more lucid, and more focused. Exercise can also work in very powerful ways and even be used to calm anxiety disorders.

to reset your hormones

A study conducted by Daniel Lenders, from Arizona State University , suggests that exercise works better than relaxation, meditation, and music therapy for anxiety episodes. Likewise, the benefits of exercise go beyond their effect on the body. Afterwards, they showed high rates of recovery and, most importantly, low relapse rates, compared to those who continued treatment with medication only.

By giving or saying thanks, your conscience must be aware of each of the things that is happening to you and what you have. When I do it, I automatically feel relieved and happy, everything falls into place. Cause if I want to, I can go for a run and be free for an hour. Leaving my humble experience aside, studies have confirmed the great impact gratitude has on our emotional well-being.