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    Infectious ectromelia. A hitherto undescribed virus disease of mice

    How to Be a Footballer. Peter Crouch. The Secret Barrister. The Salt Path. Associate Professor Domett is an expert in bones, particularly those that belonged to sick people thousands of years ago, which is where her expertise in palaeopathology the study of disease in the past comes in handy. Like many of the educators at James Cook University, Domett is more than competent in a few other areas as well, working as an anatomy lecturer, as well as serving as the acting course coordinator for first year medicine students.

    According to Domett palaeopathology can give insight into all sorts of diseases, from cancer to osteoporosis, allowing us to examine how these diseases affect people without the help of modern medicine.

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    We learn about how people lived and how they coped with past conditions so we can learn where we have come from and apply that to future events. I have been called on by the police, the coroner and local archaeologists to identify bones that have been recently uncovered during building construction or beach erosion, for example.

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    • More often than not they are animal bones but we need to be sure so that the correct procedures can then take place. Pearce responded with a smile, "I just think it's ripping. After the discovery of Salvarsan, an arsenic-based treatment for syphilis, scientists had high hopes for the development of other drugs.

      Infectious ectromelia. A hitherto undescribed virus disease of mice

      They found a compound, later called tryparsamide, to be highly effective in destroying the infectious agent of sleeping sickness in animals. Pearce and Brown announced their successful results in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in But now they would need to test the drug on humans. In , when a severe outbreak of the disease broke out in the Belgian Congo, Zaire , Dr. Pearce, then 35 years old and attracted by the adventures of field research, volunteered to go alone to Leopoldville to test the new drug.

      Studying the effect of each dose of tryparsamide on more than seventy patients, Pearce saw the parasites were completely eradicated within a few weeks of the treatment. Belgian officials, impressed and grateful for her results, awarded her the Ancient Order of the Crown and elected her a member of the Belgian Society of Tropical Medicine.

      PDF In the Footsteps of Disease - Adventures in Pathology Martin Gwent Lewis M. D. For Kindle

      Three decades later, in , she was called to Brussels to receive the King Leopold II prize and a check for ten thousand dollars. After the excitement of her successes in the Belgian Congo, Dr. Pearce returned to Rockefeller Institute in New York and was promoted to associate member in