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The intolerant, often violent Asian and Western Gods imported to Africa along with slavery and TB simply failed to ignite the African man's tribal soul. Few things made me happier as Black African than watching the shock and horror of white Catholic Priests as they failed to convince the African priests whom they thought thoroughly domesticated and christianised indulge in distinctly uncatholic activities like polygamy, voodoo and other unspeakably African dark arts.

Nigeria has always been an exception to this general easygoing African attitudes to all things Gody. The reason is simple: Religion in Nigeria unfortunaletly dovetails with something that does excite the Black man: tribe. The combination of God and tribe proved highly combustible.

African leaders 'declare war' on Boko Haram

Even more disturbingly Nigerai has recently beein attracting particularly virulent strains of both Islamism and christianity. The solution is to divide Nigeria.

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I see no other solution. The alternative is ethnic genocides that will make Rwanda look like a little local difficulty. When I saw the pictures in the news, I couldn't recognise the city and the State where I was born, barely 15 years of departing. Sadly, Jos and Plateau State's better times exist in the past.

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Tin mining, the economic power which helped build the prosperous and peaceful multi-cultural community - before and after the Civil War 4 decades ago - doesn't exist anymore. Splitting the State from the then Northern Region, and then from Benue State and more recently from Nassarawa State, hasn't helped either. The result is, a highly indebted State and a nervous folk who are seeing their fortunes diminishing.

Nigerian Governments shouldn't drag their feet on modernising the citizenship law.

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It should now read, "if you were born there, or you live there, and you pay tax there, then you belong there". Next, the Government should take the security of its citizens seriously.

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Years ago, when I counselled a Governor regarding this, he angrily responded, wondering if I knew how much it costs per day to send soldiers and extra police to the streets. My answer then and now is the same, running a peaceful state and ensuring that things remain that way, is the cheapest way of ruling. Further, open up or encourage regional trade among the so-called middlebelt states. Use your existing well-connected road, rail and air links to your advantage.

As well as your proximity to the federal capital, Abuja.

Death toll climbs after car bombing rips through Nigeria city Jos

Finally, focus your energies on a common big project, like the-much-talked-about-but-nothing-done Business District close to the Heipang Airpot, ala "Silicon Valley". Approach more wealthy states, like Delta State, or rally support from international investors.

It is so sad that aritificial division such as North vs. South, Muslims vs. Christians is still being used in Nigeria. When will Africans understand that nobody was born Muslim or Christian, it is socially constructed. In the case of Africa, it is called " imported religions". It is high time that we understand the implications of social cohesion.

Too much corruption in Nigeria, and that's too bad for Africa. Despie all its resources, Nigeria is still a poor country, why? Well frequent reference to the level of poverty in the North for all the riots, may have been informed yb ignorance and perhaps bias. All formal indices always showed that the Northern Muslim states are economically backward, likewise educationally.

But the people of Northern Nigeria have an informal economy that cannot be covered by the statistics. Many still keep their money at home in traditional ways, and if savings in Banks are the means of determining economic progress, then Northern Nigeria will indeed remain backward.

If we can compare the number of people who own the property they reside in in Enugu or Ibadan and Kano or Sokoto, its likely to find out that mass majority in Enugu or Ibadan live in rented abodes owned by landlords who are exactly the equivalent of the Northern elites. A Hausa civil servant culturally has to be of assistance to his immediate and extended family, but his Igbo or Yoruba equivalent knows nothing like that and will therefore always save more money in his bank account.

The issue of settler or indigene in Jos is not about economy or religion, but religion is the instrument being used to discriminate against Hausa Muslim settlers. Aborignes of Jos kill or discriminate against only on religious basis. The are so many Hausa Christians not of Jos origin, but they are considered as indigenes because their religious subscription. Every time there was an insult on any symbol of Islam in Nigeria or abroad, the reaction in Nigeria always leads to bloodshed, because those who decide to make insulting Islamic symbol a hobby were doing it intentionally, fully aware of the consequences.

No muslim in Nigeria ever dare blaspheme anything Christian, the dont care what the Bible says about anything or even what it is talking about. So they will definitely be enraged when the respect they give to christian symbols is paid back in the form of insult to Islamic symbols. We should have asked who really started all this culture of killings for religious and hatred reasons in Nigeria. In some Igbo young military officers, after bouts of drinking alcohol staged a coup, that selected and eiliminated all the top muslim polticians and top military officers.

The first Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa was taken to a bush by Igbo coupists and asked, at gun point by tipsy Igbo officers, to take alcohol, and his refusal earned him the must bizare murder. Rukuba is spoken by the people we work with in the village. This is accomplished through partnerships and short-term mission trips, in which individuals and groups work alongside staff members who serve at each of the ministry locations.

Back2Back invests in the future of each child by meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional, educational and social needs through a unique 5-point Child Development Plan , so that they can become self-sustaining individuals who give back to their community. Our goal is that each orphan we serve would experience restoration. This is accomplished in part through you, our ministry teams and partners, who visit year-round and help provide basic necessities. We are excited to deepen our partnership with local pastors and churches to develop additional long-term volunteers, nationals from within the community.

We also provide educational opportunities and scholarships to orphaned children through the Nigeria Education Center and our Child Sponsorship Program. Nigeria Campus Mission trip guests will stay in a converted student hostel building on a walled compound in Jos, Nigeria, four hours northeast of the capital city, Abuja. The compound is home to mission families who serve with an organization called Serving in Missions SIM.

Guest rooms accommodate two people and share a bath with another room.

People Killed, Houses Torched as Violence Erupts in Jos!

Back2Back staff reside less than a mile away. Safe, filtered drinking water is always available on campus and during work projects. He announced heightened measures to tackle the insurgents, including a multinational force around Lake Chad, comprising a battalion each from Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria. Police sirens wailed as officers rushed to the scene.

A morning rush hour bomb killed at least 71 people at a bus station on the outskirts of the capital Abuja last month. Another in almost exactly the same place, in the suburb of Nyanya, killed at least 19 people at the beginning of May. A suicide car bomber also killed five people in the northern city of Kano on Sunday evening in an area mostly inhabited by southern Christians. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites.