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What do you need to consider? Where do you start? Who is Lauren Mikulak? I am a mom of two kids, wife to a middle school principal and a public servant for the City of Wheat Ridge. We love the outdoors and brew our own beer. Originally from Michigan but moved through eight cities before landing in beautiful Colorado.

How did you become a planner? I studied architecture in college and went to work for Habitat for Humanity. With my time spent helping during Katrina in New Orleans, I got a taste for how many small projects contribute toward an overall environment. I decided to pursue my masters in Urban Planning and applied for a junior position in Wheat Ridge I am now the Planning Department Manager.

What exactly do planners do? We approve business licenses. Matching locations, zoning and what the license is intended for. In short, we answer three basic questions: What can I do? How can I do? And where can I do? Giving bad news is always tough. I am the bad cop sometimes and have to deliver or enforce existing laws.

We help communities by coordinating growth. We are involved in every project and assist in converting a vision into a regulation. Meaning that an idea is brought from concept into an environment where everyone can benefit from. We also protect neighbors from one another. One person building structures too tall or close to their neighbors. Seeing a project break ground.

What frustrates you as a City of Wheat Ridge planner? Social media. Stories based on hearsay and not facts. I just wish we had more questions from the public so that we could inform people of the correct way of approaching projects. If you could advise homeowners about projects overall, what would that be? Do your homework. Advice is free. We have a Planner of the Day POD program where we answer questions phone or in person about the process, the details and best practices.

If more people utilized this service ahead of building, the overall experience would be smoother. The planning department can be reached at I love my job and while I thought about joining private enterprises, I know that I will remain in the public sector. Thanks for your time. Lauren Mikulak can be reached at the City of Wheat Ridge at In addition to various candidate races for governor, the state legislature and judicial retention, the voters will be asked to weigh in on a wide range of ballot questions, both constitutional and statutory, the results of which will impact our communities for years to come.

Below is my take on a few of the questions. As a state we have not kept up with maintenance and capital construction of our transportation system and need to act now. My picks: No on Yes on This proposed constitutional amendment is perhaps the most critical issue on the ballot. Deceptively simple in its drafting, this measure, locked into the state constitution, is vague, broad and full of unintended consequences.

This proposition does not have value of their property and file suit against a new dedicated revenue source so the the city. This initiative constitution, and should not subject our also only addresses projects on state roads local government to potentially crippling those managed by CDOT , meaning the 88 litigation. Proposition would fund De-Brucing transportation by a. That can only mean one thing. For those of you who families. When I asked George In addition, the Wheat Ridge about his favorite part of the Kiwanis club is partnering with Ashley Holland event, he told me that he loved other nearby Kiwanis groups to decorating the car.

One of his teenage offer fun games for attendees. This year, students helped make their car great. He was blown away dressed up in your costumes. I sat down with George Alajjouri, business owners like George help make the owner of Wheat Ridge martial arts Trunk or Treat successful every year. George told me that he was your trunk, please register to participate at interested in the event because his business RidgeAt Stroll back in time when the ladies gathered before the holidays to trade or swap the produce they canned, pickled or preserved.

This allowed for a variety of tastes for the holiday season. This month our recorder group will be giving lessons so bring your kids with the recorders they got at school for the Sing and Play Along. Lessons available! Dressing in clothing from the s to s is encouraged! Think pioneer — here in Wheat Ridge, we are Home of the Farmers! Stop by the Historical Park at Robb St. With five buildings to tour and many historic items to explore this is a great bargain! Even on the cold weather days there are indoor projects to be tackled too!

So come by for 30 minutes or an hour or two, all help is greatly appreciated. We had 18 people attend our 1st project day! This is a monthly event from 10 a. Our November Society meeting will be on the second Tuesday, Nov. We have snacks with a brief historic talk at the start of the meeting. New members are encouraged to join us at these friendly, fun and informative monthly evening meetings.

Our website is WheatRidgeHistoricalSociety. You can email us at WRHistorical gmail. Instead, they happen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In , West Metro firefighters answered more than 34, emergency calls. The ballot issue is 7C, which deals with residential property tax valuations. Property taxes are derived from the assessed value of a residential or commercial property, which is a percentage of the actual value of the property, set by the state.

Over the years, the residential assessment rate has been cut again and again. In , it is expected the rate will be cut even more. That would affect public schools, counties, cities, towns and special districts, like West Metro. As with most ballot issues, there are. For 7C, those who support it say it would assure financial stability for the district, by maintaining the current residential property tax rate, allowing the district to financially plan for its future, including the health and safety of its residents and businesses. Supporters also believe the measure would help West Metro maintain quick response times, along with critical emergency medical services and fire protection because the district would not be forced to consider closing fire stations and reducing services.

A yes vote on 7C is not a tax increase. Those opposed to 7C also say that voters should oppose all tax issues, even those meant for life saving services — like fighting fires and emergency medical services. And, that since fire district revenues have increased slightly since , funding has not remained static.

Issue 7C is at the bottom of the ballot. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. Call Architectural design also defines a community.

From Ames Street to Fenton Street, homes in Mountain View are differentiated by age of construction, building material and design making the architectural blueprint of the community diverse in appearance. Homes representing cottage, Tudor, bungalow, ranch and contemporary architecture are scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Historically, the first house of record in Mountain View was built in on Ames Street. During this era, houses were basic in form and considered simple cottages. Exterior building materials included wood, stone or stucco. Houses were designed with steep-pitched side gable roofs and narrow casement windows. Spindle work or decorative trim was often added to porches or windows. Inside, rooms were small, functional spaces with hardwood flooring. Tudor or English style architecture became influential in the s. Wood, stone or brick with an application of contrasting, intense paint covered exterior surfaces.

Porches extended the length of the home. Kitchens also became larger work spaces. Floor plans included a separate dining room, sleeping porch and a bathroom with a cast-iron tub. Tile, natural stone, hardwood, linoleum or cork was used for floor covering. Built in the s and continuing in popularity for several decades, bungalows are modest single-story homes.

Made of wood, brick or stone, bungalows have a distinctive broad, low gabled roof with one or two large front dormer windows, and wide eaves with exposed rafters under the eaves. Massive posts border the veranda. Popular from the s through the s, the ranch style home is a single story design featuring low-pitched roofs and a facade constructed with brick and wood.

Since automobile ownership had increased, the ranch style offered an attached garage and paved driveway. Interior woodworking details included coved ceilings and built-in cabinets. Linoleum, hardwood or wall-towall carpeting covered the floors. Contemporary, urban house plans feature glass, steel and concrete. From the street, these homes are dramatic in height and angled design.

This design utilizes a small footprint allowing homes to be built on an infill site or previously developed lot. The open floor plan, multi-level concept and the expansive square footage architectural design of the contemporary home allows for maximum livability. Both Districts provide vial emergency services and deserve our support. My thoughts: Yes on both 7C and 7G. The City of Wheat Ridge brings two issues before the voters. This only provides authorization for the city to be able to provide these services in the future. The age of homes and blend of architectural styles within the town creates an eclectic blueprint.

Hopefully, the unique, diverse architecture will continue to define the Mountain View community for another years. A paper version is available at the Town Hall, Benton St. Submit completed survey by Thursday, Nov. A public meeting notice will be posted 30 days prior to the scheduled date. Watch for a community flyer and website notification regarding the day, time and location for the public meeting.

Residents are urged to clear overgrown weeds and trees, and move trash from sidewalk and alleyways. Overgrown plant growth and excessive trash create unwarranted safety and health nuisances. Violators are subject to citation and fine. Watch for a community flyer and website notification regarding the date of the annual November town clean up. Daylight hours are shorter.

Steampunk comic books issue 1

Temperatures are cooler. Leaves are turning. Fall, the transition from summer to winter, has arrived. The seasonal shift to fall also prompts another prominent feature. Merchants everywhere have stocked their shelves with the ever-popular confectionery, candy corn.

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Distinguished by a broad yellow base, tapered orange center, and pointed white tip, candy corn was invented by George Renninger in the s, and first manufactured by the Wunderle Candy Company. Originally candy corn was made by hand with combined sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax and water. Other ingredients were added to create texture and offer a soft bite. The mixture was heated to form a slurry and then poured into molds. The recipe remains nearly the same today. For candy corn connoisseurs everywhere, fill your bowl on Tuesday, Oct. This question asks the voters to allow the city to retain these excess revenues and spend them on the four 2E projects.

I am in support of both measures. It is the foundation of our representative democracy. See you around town. He is studying the habits of ravens at Fort Richardson, near Anchorage. To do this he has to capture them, tag them and strap tiny radio transmitters to their backs.

'STEAMPUNK' - 2 Hours of Epic Fantasy & Adventure Music Mix

His devices to capture these ravens included using what ravens find irresistible: Cheetos. But soon the ravens found out that his Cheetos were something to avoid. The ability to plan is a supposed unique quality among humans. But a study last year by Martin Osvath showed that ravens think about the consequence of delayed gratification, something demonstrated so far only in people.

When the birds knew that waiting a delayed period would mean a greater reward, they would anticipate that reward and show self-control in the face of more immediate temptations, i. These are all key components in planning. They also have good memories.

They can recall friends and perceived enemies for years after meeting them. Ravens show the ability to perform complex actions that nature does not demand of them, and they do it without testing or trial and error. For some scientists this demonstrates the use of logic — something that is lacking in most animals. When we lived in Conifer, we had to leave our can on garbage pick-up day a lengthy distance from the house, down a long driveway.

We kept finding the can empty and the garbage picked through and strewn about. We finally staked out a position on our deck where we could still see the can, looking for a stray dog or bear causing the damage. It was a very large mountain raven. And this raven managed to find ways into our garbage despite our numerous and varied attempts to stop his marauding.

He would caw at us from a tall tree as he watched our efforts and, as soon as we left, he would swoop down to unravel the newest puzzle. A large rock on top of the lid was laughingly simple to push off. A bigger rock meant he had to call in buddies and share the loot. Bungee cords took longer to figure out, but he eventually learning to pull on the end with the hook.

Once he invited a bear in to overwhelm the can and disperse the goodies. He, evidently, was willing to share with those outside his species if it meant he could get what he wanted. They can learn human speech better than some parrots. Besides mimicking humans, ravens also can duplicate other noises, like car engines, toilets flushing, animal and bird calls. They are willing to wait their time until the other animal is done and then dine on the leftovers.

Social media makes this easier than ever, especially with podcasts! Show runs thru June 7, Digital photo collage using actual x-ray images. May May 18, pm-8pm.

Similar authors to follow

Show runs thru Aug. So why should anyone be interested in Steampunk?? An imaginary 19th century which never happened and which we explore in the 21st century? How long has Steampunk as we know it been a thing? Eight years? Perhaps 10? I certainly know people who feel they and practicing it longer, but the very least, the Steampunk we see today has existed for less than a decade. It started weird, and got more inaccurate from there. For example, there may or may not be a top Steampunk band or two. But those are the main reason people discover Steampunk. Is there a topSteampunk author? Jeter, who coined the very term, has said repeatedly that he did NOT create the Steampunk we see today.

Famous steampunk makers? We certainly have some. We certainly love their creations. And most of them are actually too modest to say that. Is Steampunk created by events? Would that mean that the people who run events run Steampunk? Am I in charge? Have you even heard of me? The answer to the first question is definitely no! So why play with, create for, former lifestyle around, experiment with, or otherwise be a part of Steampunk?

Professional Records

Let the world be boring? We make the choice to be precisely the opposite. We are Steampunks! In fact, each and every one of us IS Steampunk itself. You, right now, are building steampunk just by thinking about it and contributing your presence to this culture, even if all you do is read a few articles and put a few thoughts out into the ether. Have you ever felt that you were born in the wrong time or era? Are you very creative and eclectic? Do you have a fondness for fantasy and sci-fi? If so then you are like many of us who have discovered the magic of the Steampunk Culture!

As you may or may not know, Steampunk combines sci-fi with the Victorian Era, so fantastical contraptions are created as if solely fired by steam power. Elements of Goth, fantasy and anime can be found as well. Forestar Group Inc. Alexander's Restaurants Server Jul - Feb Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. University of Kansas Bachelor of Science, Marketing - Sinclair Community College Respiratory Care - Professionals Accountants Accounts Payable Bookkeeper.

Financial Analyst. Independent Business Owners. Skincare Specialist. Emergency Physician. Medical Practitioner. Speech-Language Pathologist. Computer Systems Administrator. Data Scientist. IT Specialist. Software Developers. Date of birth:. Total arrested:. Erika lauren Adams , Michael Carr. Related Names Herald Adams. Lauren Adams Historical Name Popularity Name Popularity for Lauren Adams Percent of Births 0 0.

Share on. Last Name: Adams Other Login to view premium data. Lauren Adams Professor Of Chemistry. Lauren Adams Manager. Lauren Adams Chief Executive. Pmb Lakeside Blvd. Lauren Adams President.

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