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In , the last major river pirate activity on the upper Mississippi came to an abrupt end, when a group of flatboatmen , meeting at the head of the "Nine Mile Reach," decided to make a raid on Stack Island and wipe out the river pirates. They attacked at night, a battle ensued, and two of the boatmen and several outlaws were killed.

Can you pick the U.S. states* from which Carmen Sandiego stole the following ''items''?

The attackers captured nineteen other men, a fifteen-year-old boy and two women. The women and teenager were allowed to leave. The remaining outlaws are presumed to have been executed. From , Cave-In-Rock was the principal outlaw lair and headquarters of river pirate activity in the Ohio River region. In , it was anything but peaceful, as Samuel Mason , who was initially a Revolutionary War Patriot captain in the Ohio County, Virginia militia and an associate judge and squire in Kentucky, led a gang of highway robbers and river pirates on the Ohio.

Mason started his criminal organization in Red Banks and was driven out by regulators sweeping through western Kentucky , so set up his new operation at Diamond Island , followed by Cave-In-Rock and later, along the Mississippi River, from Stack Island to Natchez, Mississippi. During Samuel Mason's occupation of Cave-In-Rock and after his departure, the name of Bully Wilson became associated with cave; a large sign was erected near the natural landmark 's entrance, "Liquor Vault and House for Entertainment.

The Harpe Brothers , who were allegedly America's first serial killers , were highwaymen on the run from the law in Tennessee and Kentucky, and briefly joined Samuel Mason's gang at Cave-In-Rock. The lower Ohio River country was routinely patrolled by the U. Army , with troops garrisoned at Fort Massac as constabulary against Native Americans , colonial raiders from Spanish Louisiana , and river outlaws in the region. Between and , the legendary Colonel Plug , also known as Colonel Fluger, ran a gang of river pirates on the Ohio River , in a cypress swamp near the mouth of the Cache River , below Cave-In-Rock and Fort Massac and just above the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

Plug's tactics were to sneak aboard personally, or have one of his pirates secretly go into the hull of a boat, and dig out the caulking between the floor planks or drill holes with an auger , causing the boat to sink and be easily attacked.


The boat and the cargo would later be sold down river. James Ford , a civic leader and businessman , secretly led a gang of river pirates and highwaymen from the s to the mids on the Ohio River, in Illinois and Kentucky.

River pirate

River piracy continued on the lower Mississippi River from the early s to the s. These river pirates were mainly organized into large gangs similar to Samuel Mason's around Cave-In-Rock, or smaller gangs under the operation of John A. Murrell , which also existed from the s to the mids between Stack Island and Natchez, Mississippi. The decline of American river piracy occurred over time, starting as early as and ending by the s, as a result of direct military action taken and the combined strength of local law enforcement and regulator-vigilante groups that uprooted and swept out pockets of outlaw resistance.

From , the New York City waterfront was infested with gangs of river pirates along the Hudson and East Rivers.

Michael Harvey (disambiguation)

River piracy consisted mainly of pirates stealing goods and cargo from ships in open water and docked along the waterfront piers. Many of the river pirates that formed to these gangs were well organized and consisted mainly of working class Irish Americans and Irish immigrants. Sadie the Goat modeled herself and her gang after the "pirates of the Golden Age" by flying the " Jolly Roger " flag aboard their ship and making victims walk the plank.

After the Charlton Street Gang murdered people in pirate raids in the Hudson River Valley , the Charlton Street Gang was attacked and dispersed by local vigilantes in the region. Following this setback the Charlton Street Gang decided to return to New York City and commit only street crimes never to return to river piracy again. By , the gang disappeared from the scene.

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Gastlin organized the " Steamboat Squad " in which armed police patrols in boats confronted and arrested the river pirates in New York harbor. An increase in crime at the border between the United States and Mexico on Falcon Lake [ clarification needed ]. In recent years, river pirate activity on the Amazon River has been on the rise in various countries around the amazon river.

Mississippi River Steamboat Cruises

In Brazil , due to the lack of investments in security, river pirate activity skyrocketed in northern Brazil, attacks against oil tankers , cargo boats and fisherman became very frequent in this region. In Colombia , paramilitary groups and drug cartels committed numerous hijackings and lootings against boats, kidnappings are also frequent.

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