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The overarching goal for the two women is to accumulate resources enough to regenerate Tarma's almost-destroyed clan. As the titles of the books suggest, emphasis is laid on the importance and consequences of oaths in at least one story from each book. The setting of the books is generally in the lands south of Valdemar such as Rethwellan, although there is a brief sojourn in Valdemar in Oathbreakers. Despite limited time in Valdemar, there were references in the first two Vows and Honor books to the Companions of Valdemar which laid early hints to their nature.

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The introduction of a fourfold deity Tarma's Goddess was something of a novel idea at the time of publication. Kerowyn is the granddaughter of Kethry from the Vows and Honor sub-series. Co-written with Larry Dixon. These are set in pre-history, some — years earlier. They describe the events which set off The Mage Storms. It involves gryphons, creatures created by the mage Urtho Mage of Silence. Co-protagonists are Skandranon Rashkae, a princely but proud ebony gryphon, and Amberdrake, a Healer of spirit and mind called a kestra'chern.

This series is a continuation of the story of Mags from the Collegium Chronicles. It covers Mags' journey as a full herald and a spy. This series is a continuation of the story of Mags after "The Herald Spy".

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It follows Mags and his children as they learn the family business. The book was published in May Various anthologies have been published from to featuring some short stories by Lackey and other authors she invited to write about the Valdemar universe.

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A companion book was also produced about the universe. Lackey wrote the first few in this series with Ellen Guon and the latter part with Rosemary Edghill. The main character, Diana Tregarde, is an American witch, practicing a fantasy version of Wicca ; by virtue of her position as a "Guardian" Diana has access to more magical power than many and she is required to give her help when someone asks it of her. Her magical abilities do not pay the bills, however, and so Diana makes her living by writing romance novels. In the stories, Diana must protect others from angry deities , vampires and a sorceress who intends to remain eternally young.

The character Diana Tregarde first appeared in two short stories, "Satanic, Versus The books were published under Tor's horror imprint rather than its fantasy. At the time of publication, positive depictions of what Wiccans and, more generally, neopagans believed and did were rare. In the mid-nineties, Lackey's books generally were regularly cited as examples of pagan-friendly fiction. In the collection Bedlam's Edge Lackey notes that she placed the Diana Tregarde world with her SERRAted Edge and Summoned to Tourney world with the intention of forcing anyone who believed Diana Tregarde and the Guardians were real [8] to also have to believe in elves, dragons, and other patently fantastical things.

The storyline is historically based, surrounding Elizabeth I 's parentage, birth, and rise to power.

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In the fictional series, the Light court elves try to bring Elizabeth safely to the throne, while the Dark court elves hope for the misery of religious persecution from her half-sister Mary. Sacred Ground is a non-series novel in contemporary milieu concerning Native American magic. The main character, Jennifer Talldeer, is a private investigator. She is also Kestral-Hunts-Alone, an apprentice shaman learning modified tribal magic from her grandfather. She is called in to investigate possible sabotage at a local construction site where Indian artifacts have been found.

Initially a run-of-the-mill investigation, it quickly spirals into a mess involving an old flame, Medicine and Native spirits running amok and an ancient evil once defeated by Jennifer's ancestor that has come back seeking revenge. Much like Diana Tregarde, Jennifer is an independent woman and a powerful magic worker who also has mundane problems.

In her short story After Midnight Lackey insinuates that the novel was an attempt to recover the spirit of the Diana Tregarde novels after the fiasco with a few fans believing the novels were based on real events. Note, a significant amount of text, and a couple of major characters in this work are adapted from stories written by Lackey in the Merovingen Nights shared universe series. That series was started by C. Cherryh in her novel Angel with the Sword. The first books in this series were featured on various Baen CDs.

He drew a 32 faced polyhedron sphere consisting of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Buckminster Fuller. At this time the islands of the Outer Hebrides in north-west Scotland would have been much warmer and more fertile than today. The stunning stone circles of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis and the megalithic complexes of the Orkney islands all date from a warmer, more benevolent climate. However these grids all deal with the planet as a distinct energy entity where human interaction or acknowledgement has been through the creation of sacred sites, leys and identification of energy lines of other types.

Over the last few decades many people have used various grids to move, improve and adjust the energy flow around and within the planet to great effect. The Silver Dragon techniques take a different tack entirely, but which should support and amplify this work. When this has been accomplished, the linking can be broadened to include larger and larger areas. The places, points or items linked to are personal choice. When, where and how often the technique is used is also personal choice. In this way the individual is encouraged to build up a personal relationship with the planet and their own surroundings.

The energy field around the human body is recognised to be the shape of a torus, with the doughnut of energy flowing down through the body and circulating upwards to re-enter the head at the crown. The downward flow of energy links briefly to the planet below the feet, where excess energy is released and where low levels of personal energy can be topped up. Stress and the current environment and lifestyle that focuses living on the qualities of mind — logic, memory, precision and reason — draws the inherent energies of a person away from an overall balance into the top-heavy energy prevalent in many people today.

Gone are the feelings and experience of being at home and in tune with Nature, leaving many with an innate fear and loss of confidence when away from urban centres. This disconnection affects our wellbeing dramatically. On a physical level we are denied the energy input of the planet which weakens our levels of life-force, but ironically can lead to someone loving being in dangerous situations.

On an emotional level, this lack of support from the planet leaves us open to fears of feeling secure, which can be shown as irritation and aggression. On a mental, thinking level, a person without links to the planet can be prone to being over-assertive, loud and self-centred. On a spiritual level the lack of groundedness can lead to illusion, delusion and an inflated sense of self importance.

Above all, being linked into the planet creates a sense of belonging, being part of something much bigger. It puts everything into perspective, reducing worry and stress. Ironically, it does just the opposite. A song of Ice and Fire 8. Vampire Academy 8. Divergent Trilogy 8. Song of the Lioness 8K. Inheritance Cycle 6. Silmarillion 5.

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