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Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.

Introduction and Timeline

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. Which is all to say that I think fig trees are important, but I think each of the gospel writers has their own take on what Jesus was really saying about fig trees. While not all of them agree on their meaning and the way in which Jesus talked about fig trees - all of them, at least at some level have a sense that fig trees show forth the way in which God works in the world.

That God works somehow through fig trees. Jesus was speaking to a group of followers who thought that calamities and horrific events happened because they somehow were not following scripture. That because the Galileans did not follow the Laws of Moses, scripture or believe in God therefore horrific events happened to them.

Or somehow because of their sin some catastrophic event happened. Jesus answers that line of thinking by saying — that is NOT the way in which God works, nor is that how we are supposed to be interpreting scripture, and if we are interpreting scripture in that way, we are doing it all wrong.

But what does that mean? Repent means to re-orient your way of thinking, to re-align our lives not into doom and gloom, or into playing the game of whose sin is worse than another — repent of those things and reorient your lives into the ways in which scripture teaches us about life and a God who desires to save us, not punish us.

The Seven Last Words Of Christ

So Jesus offers us a parable. A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and one day he came looking for the good fruit that was supposed to be coming from that tree and found none. So he said to the hired hand to do his dirty work — cut down this tree, its wasting resources in my garden and time and time again I come to it and it gives me no fruit! So the hired hand says to the landowner, give me one more year, and let me nurture the tree, tend to its roots and give it the nutrients it needs.

Jesus began to teach and work miracles by divine power and authority. Jesus Christ forgave and healed a paralytic, dined with sinners and called them to repentance, and taught about the Sabbath. After Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath day, some people began to plot how to destroy Him. Jesus ordained Twelve Apostles, refuted accusations that His power came from Satan, and taught that those who do the will of Heavenly Father are His family.

Jesus taught in parables, including the parable of the seed growing by itself. In testimony meetings, what is valuable about hearing testimonies from several individuals rather than just one person? What do you think might be valuable about studying the Gospel of Mark, now that you have studied the Gospel of Matthew? Ask them to look for why studying the Gospel of Mark can be valuable and relevant to them.

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After students have read, ask them to share why they think studying the Gospel of Mark will be valuable and relevant to them. If you had lived at the time Mark wrote, how do you think his Gospel might have helped you? Ask students to summarize what they know about the story of the Savior calming a storm on the Sea of Galilee. Have students read Mark —41 , looking for details they might not have remembered. You might also want to have students read parts of the student manual commentary for Mark — The following questions will help your students study and discuss Mark —41 :.

What do verses 37—38 suggest about how the disciples were feeling about their situation?

The Painful Prologue

According to these verses, how did they feel about the Savior? To bring the discussion to a close, consider sharing the following statement from President M.

  1. On My Way to Paradise.
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  4. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:. Summarize this part of the lesson by explaining this principle: Studying the Gospel of Mark can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and our courage to follow Him. Ask students to look at Mark , 27 ; ; , and mark in each verse the word authority or power. What can you learn about the Savior by paying attention to the words authority and power in these verses?

    The first chapters of Mark help us recognize that the authority of Jesus Christ was evident from the beginning of His ministry. Ask for answers to the following questions:. How do the events recorded in Mark —11 help us understand that Jesus Christ had power and authority? See the student manual commentary for Mark — Explain that as Jesus Christ began His ministry, He demonstrated in many ways that He had come to earth with the authority of the Son of God.

    Hear God’s word and share in the Lord’s Supper | St. Mark's Lutheran Church

    Mark — Jesus Christ demonstrated His authority when He. Jesus Christ has power to. Jesus Christ is more powerful than. Jesus Christ has power over.

    1. Breve historia del anarquismo (Spanish Edition);
    3. The Topless Muffin.
    4. Assign students, individually or in pairs, to read one of the scripture passages, looking for information that would allow them to complete the statement next to their assigned scripture. After allowing students time to search, call on them to report what they found, and write their answers on the chart. The finished chart might look like this:. Jesus Christ demonstrated His authority when He taught His doctrine. Jesus Christ demonstrated His authority when He commanded an evil spirit to come out of a man. Jesus Christ has power to forgive sins and to heal the sick. Newborns do not understand the intellectual meaning of words but feel the love from which they come so much so that they respond with a smile to their mother and father who turn to them with great and amazed affection.

      Growing up, we understood with intelligence those words that the heart had always perceived and received. The first lesson to be drawn from this is that the worst deafness is that of the heart. If we are deaf, we cannot speak: if we are deaf to the love that the Son of God has shown us, we cannot communicate correctly with God or with our brothers and sisters in humanity.

      Do you love earth? You will be earth.


      Do you love God? What should I say? I do not dare say it on my own. The love of his pierced heart pierces the armor of pride that makes us deaf to his love. The journey towards Christ is tiring and slow. Let us identify ourselves in this miraculously-healed person and ask Jesus to open the ears of our heart and mind to his words of truth and love. At No. We can say that alongside revelation properly so-called, contained in the Sacred Scriptures, there is a manifestation… Paying attention to this manifestation, we learn to see ourselves in relation to all other creatures.

      I wonder it is always Pope Francis who writes : If Jesus did all things well Mk , and Jesus is the Lord, the God who created and made everything good and beautiful, when man listens to his Lord and answers him, could he make creation return as beautiful as God had thought it from the beginning? I have reported this quotation to underline that the prayer of response to God that speaks to us implies not only what God says through the words of the bible.

      In everyday life, there is often the habit of saying many words and of replacing the Word with chatter.