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None of them could do without her, and she is able to compensate for some of the others. Often what they look for, finding it only after a series of attempts by several methods not adapted to the nature of things, she intuits, proudly and simply. Lastly, she plays a role even in morality; for, allow me to go so far as to say, what is virtue without imagination? Above all else, it is residence in the teeming cities, it is the crossroads of numberless relations that gives birth to this obsessional ideal.

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As we read him, we discover that Baudelaire believes in the charm, the incantation, the cryptogram, but he ceases to believe in the secret. The spirits have not risen. The code says nothing. This first culminated in the 19th century in the aftermath of the French Revolution and against the background of urbanisation and capitalism, with a particular focus on Paris. Meanwhile, the late 19th century saw a fundamental shift in attitudes to the bas-fonds from revulsion to fascination. This was in part due to the Romantics and their love of bohemia.

They continued to be fascinated by the poverty, vice and crime that defined representations of the urban lower depths, but they observed it with a greater poetic — and increasingly, nostalgic — sensibility. Their novels explored all backgrounds, with a predilection for the teeming faubourgs of Paris and low dives in the port towns of Le Havre or Marseille.

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From different corners of high and low literature, this interest in the dark corners of French society proved highly successful extending also to popular song and provides part of the cultural background that eventually led to French film noir. But the migration of these motifs to French cinema only came about through developments in photography and cinematography that converged in the French capital between the two world wars.

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Although dark melodramas and crime cinema existed in the silent period, French film noir proper began with the coming of sound around His combination of glamorous chiaroscuro, louche subjects and poetic tone was extreme. Le Doulos The precision and beauty of this type of lighting, both contrasted and diffuse, in conjunction with the remarkable sets of Lazare Meerson and Alexandre Trauner and their disciples defined French film noir by marrying an international visual style to minutely observed French decors.

Made just before colour became the norm, these noir tributes may be seen as the last outposts of stylish black-and-white cinematography. French film noir thus has long antecedents in written and visual representations of the bas-fonds , and visual characteristics informed by contemporary professional practice and geopolitical developments. Equally significant was the immediate French social background, including the rise of fascism in the s, the left-wing Popular Front alliance of , the war and German occupation of , and the post-war advent of American-inflected modernity.

But they undoubtedly bear the traces of their respective traumatic social contexts. In the late s, for instance, some can be read as meditations on Popular Front hopes and then disillusionment, and in the post-war period, they explicitly engage with American culture, providing a cultural framework for shifting definitions of national identity. But the area in which they most visibly echo changing social parameters is in their delineation of gender relations.

Shoot the Piano Player Building on the charisma of glamorous stars, the films side with these maladjusted figures. Against this panorama of flawed, yet glamorous and charismatic male figures, the women of French film noir are less exalted, presented as marginalised and often degraded figures. Here too historical patterns emerge.

But across the decade, none of these women is endowed with much narrative agency or erotic power. In the s, Le Corbeau testifies to stronger female figures emerging in the war years, in noir as well as other genres. But with some exceptions, such as Les Portes de la nuit, in which the standard poetic realist woman is made to look like a Hollywood icon initially to be played by Marlene Dietrich, replaced by the inexperienced Nathalie Nattier , post-war noir takes a striking misogynist turn.

Touchez pas au grisbi The sense of the popularity of French noir being used to mete out a symbolic backlash against the growing post-war emancipation of women in real life is hard to escape. The real drama is always that of the young homme fatal or of the ageing patriarch. Throughout the period evoked above, there were other successful genres in French cinema besides film noir , including comedy and costume film. Yet, as in Hollywood, it is noir that caught the cultural imagination.

Like 19th-century readers of Hugo and Balzac and 20th-century fans of Simenon, we are endlessly drawn to the dark universe of crime, failure and melodrama, almost always ending in death. It is indicative that the best filmmakers in the period Renoir, Duvivier, Clouzot, Melville among them all worked in this idiom, producing a string of beautiful, sombre films.

Like the literature of the bas-fonds , film noir projects a fantasy that may not be factually accurate but nevertheless gets to the heart of the darkest corners of society and human nature. The action of this low-budget film — most of it filmed on location and with far from perfect direct sound — takes place at a forlorn crossroads 30km north of Paris, mostly at night.

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Shots of dark, foggy or rain-soaked exteriors, barely pierced by feeble car lights, match the opacity of the plot. They enacted mystery in a way they could never have done in the comfort of a studio.

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The opening sequence, showing him at the controls of the train speeding through Normandy and arriving at Le Havre, has become a cult among rail enthusiasts. With its dark, atmospheric visuals by cinematographer Curt Courant and pervasive sense of fatalism, balanced by the realistic rendering of mundane details, it also represents the culmination of poetic realism, the best-known shade of pre-war French noir. Locked in his room for the duration of the film, Gabin brilliantly inhabits his tragic working-class hero, his minimalist acting style chiming perfectly against the superlative Arletty and flamboyant Berry.

Transposing the Californian setting to the south of France, the film reprises the story of hapless Frank Fernand Gravey , lured by sexy, sullen Cora Michel Luchaire , to kill her older husband Nick, a road-side garage owner Corinne Simon. With Le Corbeau, French film noir turned political. Initially, the main target of the letters is Dr Germain Pierre Fresnay , accused of performing abortions as well as of adulterous liaisons. Indeed, several women in the town are attracted to him, from prim Laura Micheline Francey to racy Denise Ginette Leclerc.

This did not stop Clouzot from being punished at the Liberation for working for Continental. Since then, though, Le Corbeau has become the emblematic film of the French war years and a turning point in darkness on screen. This French version of a police procedural follows Inspector Antoine Louis Jouvet as he investigates the murder of a rich, corrupt businessman in which are implicated ambitious music-hall singer Jenny Lamour Suzy Delair , her piano-player husband Maurice Bernard Blier and their glamorous neighbour Dora Simone Renant , a photographer. Even more unusually, in Dora, Clouzot offers a sympathetic portrayal of a lesbian.

Around him the charming secondary characters have become ugly caricatures. Many others followed, but Grisbi encapsulates the genre. Condition: Very Good. No Jacket. Original Letter and Art. John Clark "Jack" Okey June 3, ? Bond Francisco. S A Wonderful Life?. Signed by Author s.

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